Kimberly Baker is an interdisciplinary artist and educator who practices a/r/tography. A/r/tography is a research methodology, a creative practice and per-formative pedagogy that explore the relationships of the in-between.

Within her work Kimberly investigates contemporary issues of humanity and the environment by conducting research and engaging in the creative process of drawing, painting and photography. Her research encompasses a mixed methods approach, which provides her with the opportunity to apply triangulation theory in an interdisciplinary manner. During this process of research and creativity Kimberly reflects upon the interlocking relationships of the subject matter and then transforms them into visual understandings. 

Her aim is to communicate with the viewer, whereby she asks them to reflect upon contemporary issues that impact them in the everyday and have a cumulative force on our collective future.


Current A/R/Tography Project: Places In Between

Explores the discourse that occurs when the environment is threatened by economic development proposals. Kimberly is investigating the contested spaces of the Delta Port Expansion, oil tankers on the Salish Sea and the Northern Gateway Project through photo documentation, creating artwork and writing reflective articles about the impacts and consequences of these convergences.

InSEA World Congress 2014 - 'Diversity through Art'

7 - 11 July 2014 in Melbourne, Australia

Conference Theme: Diversity Through Art - Change / Continuity / Context

Presentation: No.5 Road: Highway to Heaven - Richmond's Multi-Faith Community

In recent decades global movements of refugees and migration have changed the cultural milieu in societies. This shift towards more ethnically diverse populations provides City’s with both challenges and opportunities. In this context City planners and community cultural workers need to consider:

In what ways can a City foster cross-cultural understanding when religious beliefs and their respective faith communities live within close proximity one another? Within this paper I will examine a case study of the City of Richmond in British Columbia, Canada and how through collaboration with the Intercultural Advisory Committee, developed an intercultural vision for the City “to be the most welcoming, inclusive and harmonious community in Canada”(Henderson, 2013).

 Workshop: Cultivating Your Creativity

Kimberly Baker has traveled extensively to schools around the world and has noticed that many teachers have similar beliefs about teaching art that inhibit them from bringing art into their classrooms. "I am not creative." "I have no materials to teach art." "My classes are too large."

With these kinds of comments in mind she considered: In what ways can teachers develop and foster their own creativity and that of their students? This workshop introduces multi-sensory activities that Kimberly has developed to stimulate and transform peoples imagination by exploring the process of creativity through visualization mediation practices, playful movement activities for the creative mind and experimenting with layered transparencies and art materials to unleash personal creative deities. Join in and experience this engaging workshop by exploring your creative potential and pick up a few tips of how to share your new found creativity with your students.